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What Does A Market Research Manager Do?

Market research plays a crucial role in any business strategy, and the person responsible for conducting it is none other than the market research manager. But what exactly does this role entail?

As a market research manager, your job is to gather and analyze data on consumer behavior, market trends, and competitors to help your company make informed business decisions. You’ll work closely with other departments, including marketing, sales, and product development, to ensure that your company is meeting the needs of its target audience and staying ahead of the competition.

A Market Research Manager conducts research to determine what products or services customers want and the pricing and marketing strategies to attract them. They collect and analyze data on consumer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand. They also monitor industry trends and competitors to develop effective marketing campaigns and product offerings. The role requires strong analytical, communication, and organizational skills.

What Does a Market Research Manager Do?

A market research manager plays a crucial role in any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition. They are responsible for gathering and analyzing data about market trends, customer preferences, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. With this information, they help their company make informed decisions about product development, pricing, advertising, and other aspects of the business. In this article, we will take a closer look at what a market research manager does and how they contribute to the success of their company.

Conducting Market Research

The first and most important responsibility of a market research manager is to conduct thorough and accurate market research. This involves gathering data from a variety of sources, including surveys, focus groups, online analytics, and industry reports. The manager must then analyze this data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can help the company make informed decisions.

To conduct effective market research, the manager must have a deep understanding of their target audience and the industry in which their company operates. They must also be skilled in data analysis and have the ability to communicate their findings to other members of the organization in a clear and concise manner.

Some of the key tasks involved in conducting market research include:

  • Designing surveys and questionnaires
  • Organizing and conducting focus groups
  • Collecting and analyzing data from online sources
  • Reviewing industry reports and publications
  • Interviewing customers and industry experts

Developing Marketing Strategies

Once the market research manager has gathered and analyzed the necessary data, they must work with other members of the organization to develop effective marketing strategies. This involves using the insights gained from the research to develop messaging, target specific demographics, and determine which marketing channels will be most effective.

The manager may also be responsible for creating marketing materials such as advertisements, social media posts, and email campaigns. They must ensure that these materials are consistent with the company’s brand and messaging and that they resonate with the target audience.

Some of the key tasks involved in developing marketing strategies include:

  • Identifying target demographics
  • Creating messaging that resonates with the target audience
  • Determining which marketing channels will be most effective
  • Developing marketing materials such as ads and social media posts
  • Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Managing Market Research Projects

In addition to conducting market research and developing marketing strategies, a market research manager is also responsible for managing the market research team and ensuring that all projects are completed on time and within budget. This involves delegating tasks to other team members, setting deadlines, and providing guidance and support as needed.

The manager must also ensure that all research is conducted in compliance with ethical standards and that all data is kept confidential. They must have a strong understanding of research methodologies and best practices and be able to provide guidance and support to their team.

Some of the key tasks involved in managing market research projects include:

  • Delegating tasks to other team members
  • Setting deadlines and goals
  • Providing guidance and support to team members
  • Ensuring compliance with ethical standards
  • Reviewing and analyzing research findings

Benefits of Hiring a Market Research Manager

Hiring a market research manager can provide numerous benefits to a company. By having a dedicated professional focused on gathering and analyzing market data, companies can make more informed decisions about product development, pricing, and marketing strategies. This can lead to increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and a stronger position in the market.

Additionally, having a market research manager allows other members of the organization to focus on their core responsibilities, rather than spending time conducting research. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency throughout the company.

Market Research Manager vs. Market Research Analyst

While both market research managers and market research analysts are involved in gathering and analyzing market data, there are some key differences between these roles. A market research analyst is typically responsible for conducting research and analyzing data, while a market research manager is responsible for overseeing the entire market research process and managing the team responsible for conducting research.

A market research manager is also more involved in developing marketing strategies and helping the company make informed decisions based on the research. They must have strong leadership and management skills, as well as a deep understanding of the industry and the target audience.


In conclusion, a market research manager plays a critical role in helping companies make informed decisions about product development, pricing, and marketing strategies. They are responsible for conducting thorough and accurate market research, developing effective marketing strategies, and managing the market research team. By hiring a market research manager, companies can gain a competitive edge in the market and achieve greater success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Market research managers are vital to any organization that wants to make informed decisions. They are responsible for gathering and analyzing data, identifying market trends, and helping their companies understand their customers better. Here are some frequently asked questions about what market research managers do:

What skills does a market research manager need?

Market research managers need a range of skills to do their job effectively. They need to be able to analyze data and identify trends, as well as communicate their findings to others. They also need to be able to manage projects and work well under pressure. In addition, they need to be able to think creatively and come up with new ideas for research projects.

Other key skills for market research managers include attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and the ability to work well in a team. They also need to be comfortable working with technology and be able to use market research software and tools.

What kind of data do market research managers collect?

Market research managers collect a wide variety of data to help their companies make informed decisions. This can include survey data, sales data, customer feedback, and data on market trends. They may also collect data on competitors and industry trends to help their companies stay ahead of the game.

Once they have collected this data, market research managers analyze it to identify patterns and trends. They then use this information to make recommendations to their companies on how to improve their products, services, and marketing strategies.

What kind of companies employ market research managers?

Market research managers can be found in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to technology to retail. Any company that wants to make informed decisions about their products or services can benefit from the expertise of a market research manager.

Some of the industries that employ market research managers include consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, and technology. In addition, market research firms often employ market research managers to work on projects for a variety of clients.

What is the educational background of a market research manager?

Market research managers typically have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as marketing, statistics, or business. Many also have a master’s degree in a related field, such as market research or data analytics.

In addition to formal education, market research managers often have several years of experience working in the field. They may start out as market research analysts or coordinators and work their way up to management positions over time.

What is the salary range for a market research manager?

The salary range for a market research manager can vary depending on factors such as industry, location, and level of experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for market research analysts and marketing specialists was $63,790 as of May 2019. However, those in management positions can earn significantly more.

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for a market research manager in the United States is $91,720 per year. However, this can vary depending on factors such as industry and location, with those working in industries like healthcare typically earning more.

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In conclusion, a Market Research Manager plays a crucial role in any organization. They are responsible for gathering and analyzing data that helps a company make informed decisions. From identifying market trends to understanding consumer behavior, a Market Research Manager is an expert in their field.

Whether it’s conducting surveys or focus groups, a Market Research Manager uses various methods to collect data. They then analyze this data to make recommendations on pricing, product development, and marketing strategies. This information is vital for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition.

In today’s fast-paced business world, having a Market Research Manager on board is essential. Their expertise helps companies make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. So, if you’re considering a career in market research, know that your skills will be in high demand and that you’ll be making a real difference.

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