The Mumpreneur Show – conversations with super Mums is a new podcast that focuses on highly motivated women willing to share with our audience the ups and downs of their working journey as well as the joys and challenges of being a Mum.

In the podcast the focus is on business experience, why our guests started their business,how they run it and  how it integrates with their role of being a Mum.

I interview real mums and entrepreneurs, bloggers, published authors, guests that are extremely motivating force for our audience of like minded listeners who wants to be informed, entertained and inspired.

So, are you ready to make changes to your work and personal life in similar ways?

I  hope you will find inspiration to start your very own journey !

As a Mum of two energetic kids and small business owner, I know the challenges that  we get to face when it comes to running a business and trying to sustain the balance between work and personal life.

Knowing that there are other women just like me constantly searching for better solutions, inspiration and guidance, the Mumpreneur Show is set to be an inspiration for anyone wanting to achieve greater balance in anyones working and personal life.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show …

Petra x