2. Virtual Assistant and hiking enthusiast, Sam Cook


Sam Cook can be your Personal Virtual Assistant for the day or two or for an ongoing assistance. She loves nothing more then to help her clients get on top of their to-do lists , giving them time to have a hobby and a day off every now and again. Sam also loves hiking and believes that hiking is like running a business.  “Sometimes it’s beautiful views with sunshine and sometimes it’s big hills, rain and wind”. Sam is from Melbourne and is mumma to her adorable son.


  • Sam’s journey into motherhood and the decision behind starting her own business
  • how she got that first job and how she grew from this point
  • what does contract mean when hiring virtual assistant
  • do you need to ask for references when hiring virtual assistant?
  • virtual assistant vs independent contractor – the pros and cons
  • showing the symptoms of needing your virtual assistant? Now what?
  • Sam discusses the communication levels and examples of what worked for her in the past
  • how to keep your virtual assistant in the loop and tips on maintaining healthy relationship with your virtual assistant
  • Sam’s top systems and tools she can’t live without
  • discussing the single mum life and juggle
  • how to switch between the responsible and fun mum….it’s a hard one!
  • what Sam recommends to handle the stress 
  • what it means to have fun and spending time with her son
  • Sam shares her funniest and sweetest moment with her son, it will melt your heart when you hear it…
  • the best books to read, the quickest meal to make and quote to get inspired
  • Sam’s inspirational cause in partnership with the HUNGER PROJECT AUSTRALIA 
  • hiking is like business and why she loves it so much



[ctt title=”Hiking is like running a business Sometimes it is beautiful views with sunshine and sometimes it is big hills rain and wind Sam Cook” tweet=”Hiking is like running a business Sometimes it is beautiful views with sunshine and sometimes it is big hills rain and wind Sam Cook” coverup=”3P5fL”]




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