My September 2015 Report


My September 2015 Report

September started with a huge bang for me. Yes, it did!


As I mentioned in my previous August report, I was nominated in the AusMumprener awards in two categories and became a finalist in the Digital Innovation category. This was super exciting as I had never been a part of any awards in my previous business. It also meant that I will be traveling to Melbourne for 2 days and I did. It was great to meet other likeminded women, talk about business and celebrate our achievements.

The biggest achievement for me however really was the fact that there was a conversation going on about my podcast. For some reason, I didn’t expect this . Visiting this event really validated that what I’m doing is reaching my audience. It was great to connect the dots and once again see how powerful podcasting really is as a media platform. All this just after one and half months of its conception on iTunes.

So this all happened in the first week of September and just as I returned from this event, still buzzing and feeling on top of the world, I received a phone call from my friend Ronsley Vaz.

Ronsley is an experienced podcaster and a huge advocate for it. He is also organising the first ever podcasting summit in the Southern hemisphere called WE ARE PODCAST which will kick off in early November. YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE. He’s been my mentor on my podcasting journey and he called to personally invite me to come and speak at his event.

Being 100% introvert, my initial thought was ‘NO WAY’ i’ll be doing this! Than I felt a flood of excitement rushing through my body and out came something along the lines of ‘HELL YEAH!’
Whilst still on the phone to Ronsley, my good friend fear knocks on my door and I am thinking …. ‘how on earth am I going to do this!”

I have never presented in front of more then probably 20 people in a boardroom. I was one of those kids at school that would know the answer but would never put their hand up. I didn’t want the attention, all eyes on me. What if I said something totally wrong and embarrassing . Yes, to be in the spotlight is a pretty frightening prospect for me.

I have to say, I came a long way from those days at school. I am still a shy introvert but I accept fear in my life and I challenge it. This is how I move forward conquering my fears which is allowing me to experience new things and grow. So far, it’s been working for me.

The downloads for The Mumpreneur Show kept increasing and I recorded more regular appearance on the home page of the New & Noteworthy. The Kids & Family category continues to be the best ranked category with the podcast being at No.1 on regular bases.


No. 1 KIDS & FAMILY category
No. 1 Education
No. 1 Career
No. 3 Business
No. 22 overall New & Noteworthy


I have finished reading Content Machine by Dan Norris. Great book for anyone wanting to start with content marketing. It gives enough information to get you started with a great overview of the basics and gives you framework to start building your own content machine. If this is something you are looking to do for your business, it is great way to start.

I have been reading The One Thing book since July and I have to admit, I still haven’t finished reading it. The book is fantastic, I just found myself distracted with other things I wanted to read about first and were more relevant to what I wanted to do and progress on in my business. I have decided to return to read it later this year.


I have committed to Hootsuit. I wasn’t a big fan when I first tried the free version and I have to admit, it was because I didn’t get to experience the full spectrum of this tool. I have tried the advanced version and realised it is going to benefit me and my Twitter strategy. I love the bulk scheduling tool. It takes a bit of your time at first but once you set it up, it is definitely a time saver and effective tool for posting on Twitter. It also covers other social media including Instagram post scheduling.


1. 29. Fiona Trewhitt talks about her app MumaFit, wellness and her family
2. 30. Professional organiser Amanda Lecaude talks about strategies to help us manage our clutter
3. 34 Kaye Putnam about branding and how you can communicate through branding


I am more focused on content creation and how I can repurpose it in a more effective way. I am preparing for my presentation at the upcoming ‘We Are Podcast’ summit and other ways to let the world know about my podcast.

Thanks for reading and I would love to see your comments on the blog! Ask questions – let’s have a chat about your month and goals you’ve been kicking.


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