My July 2015 Report

Don’t you just love it when you can peak into someone else’s life a little and see what’s going on?

I do [smily face] and so I thought it could be interesting for you, curious followers of the Mumpreneur Show to peak once a month into my world of entrepreneurial adventure and my personal life on the odd occasion as well.

The added bonus to me is that I get to sit down with my special blend of green tea and herbs and reflect on the previous month I had, some of the exciting moments and disappointments I’ve encountered including the occasional stuff up. Hey it’s all part of the journey.




July was by far one of my most exciting months since my small business adventure started almost 4 years ago.


On 15th of July I have officially launched my first episode of my podcast on iTunes, which I named simply THE MUMPRENEUR SHOW. [Mum + Entrepreneur = ME]

The response was truly overwhelming and by far exceeded my expectations. Not only I was getting lots of downloads right from day 1, it took me only 48hours to see my podcast shining in the TOP BANNER in NEW & NOTEWORTHY in all 3 assigned categories; Kids/Parents, Business and Education.
I ranked No. 1 in the Kids & Family category on day 9 from the launch which was unbelievable! [exposure, exposure, exposure]
Overall, the podcast continued to show in all 3 categories in various positions in the top section for the rest of the month July. [yay]

I have been nominated in AusMumpreneur Awards in two categories; The Infulencer [people choice] and Digital Innovation [judged category].

I had some battles with my WordPress website. Just before the launch of my podcast, I thought it was hacked and my podcast identity was lost forever as my login stopped working. I used a WordPress developer from Fiverr who changed my log-in details without my permission, who then installed a new theme that posted a whole bunch of demo posts which made me freak out and loose if for an hour. Long story short, all was saved and I have learned some lessons when it comes to communication.




From the podcast episodes you might know, I love my audible books but I also love to pick up the tangible one. [I love the smell of books] I usually have one book on my audio for the moments where I happen to have a few spare moments and can just listen to it on the go.
The physical books, I love to read just before I go to sleep.

Audible audio book – The Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod [finished] and you will have to wait until August to read about its influence on me.

The One Thing by Gary Keller [still going]




I discovered Periscope and apparently it’s the next big thing.
Periscope is LIVE video app. You sign up to Periscope with your existing twitter handle and you are ready to host your first LIVE video. Once you start broadcasting the video, your followers and anyone online can tune in, comment, listen to you and hit hearts when they feel like you deserve them.

My highly recommended Periscopes to follow are with @PatFlynn and @ChrisDucker .

Periscope is highly addictive and I ran out of data on my mobile very quickly. You can watch Periscope streams live or reply on your computer at
Each periscope is available for only 24 hours [sad face]



1. Ep 9. Social Media, Marketing strategies and Designer markets with Janina Lear
2. Ep 13. Naomi Gora, creating Lift e-magazine, blogging and being a single mum
3. Ep 2. Virtual Assistant and hiking enthusiast, Sam Cook




I am focused on better ranking on iTunes, embracing Twitter and growing my following as I’m learning to use it [starting with just 40 followers] and creating some new personal habits to increase my productivity. I found myself lacking time in July and that is also why my first post is almost a month late.

Thanks for reading and I would love to see your comments on the blog!

Stay inspired,

Petra x

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