The Mumpreneur

Did you know, there is a revolution happening?

The mumpreneur movement is on the rise as more and more entrepreneurial women are deciding to launch their own business after having children and many are choosing to work from home!

There are many mums that are choosing to swap their corporate world for the flexibility of working from home with their children.

Current research shows, woman are generally having their children later these days. The Australian Bureau of Statistics states women are most likely to have their children later in life, between the ages of 30 – 34. These women are stepping into motherhood with a wealth of life and professional knowledge. They are highly skilled, often well connected and experienced business-savvy women.

Time away from the workforce while home on maternity leave often presents an ideal opportunity for these women to develop long held ideas, passions or dreams into exciting business realities. The option of running the business from home often presents increased flexibility when compared to the corporate world.

When you ad it up:

the relevant skills + low running cost and overheads + flexibility around family = there is no wonder home-based business is becoming the preference for many entrepreneurial women.

There is no wonder this movement is taking the world by storm!

Having the career women and mother experience gives us a common understanding of what’s it like to run a business while being the best mothers we can be.

On The Mumpreneur Show we speak to leading mumpreneurs about juggling between motherhood and entrepreneurship, success, balance, breakthrough moments and sticking points of their professional and personal life.

We want to inspire, motivate and enrich you and your personal life by listening to some of the most fascinating women, mothers, mumpreneurs …