19. How to build and market your brand effectively with Michelle Vogrinec from GAIA Skin Naturals

Michelle Vogrinec
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When Michelle Vogrinec is not caring for her three gorgeous boys, Joshua, Jacob and Max, she is Managing Director of GAIA Skin Naturals Australia with her husband and business partner Simon as GM.
Her company’s signature brand, GAIA Natural Baby has become the most widely distributed natural and organic baby skincare range in the Australian market, and is stocked in leading supermarkets, pharmacies, baby stores and health food shops nationally and across the globe.

Established in 2002, GAIA Natural Baby was born out of necessity after Michelle’s first child Joshua developed eczema when he was just 8 weeks old. After consulting doctors for a safe and effective solution and unsuccessfully trying numerous products on the market, Michelle concocted her own lotions made from natural and organic ingredients.


  • her  family including 3 boys and what it’s like to live in organised chaos
  • her journey into motherhood and what inspired her to start GAIA skin naturals
  • finding out about skin problems and asking questions prompting creation of their baby skin range
  • the importance of looking after your skin and how to take care of it
  • learning about baby skin, skin physiology, how it functions 
  • initial development of the baby range and what it involved
  • meaning of word “GAIA”
  • marketing the brand in the early days vs now
  • initial investments into marketing and the message it should convey 
  • securing those big wholesale accounts in Australia and internationally
  • getting to know the buyers and how to talk to them
  • turning down opportunities 
  • keeping up with the supply and demand
  • dealing with the ever changing competition in the skin care industry and how to stay positive
  • the team and her philosophy on hiring 
  • working with her husband and rules around work and personal time
  • learning to handle stress and the things she likes to do to recharge


GAIA Skin Naturals




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