3. Mindfulness, yoga and motherhood with Leonie Percy

Mindfulness,yoga and motherhood with Leonie Percy

Leonie is a loving mother, passionate yoga and mindfulness teacher and author  founder of Yoga Mamata (means “mothers love” in the sanskrit language). Leonie teaches mums how to mother in the moment, children kindness and resilience and keeps families connected. Leonie has been practising yoga for over 15 years. Leonie combined her experience of going through a divorce becoming a single mother, degree in psychology and passion to keep families connected, to create her business Yoga Mamata. Leonie lives in Sydney with her son Lael, daughter Luna and partner Jarkko. Leonie is also the author of “Mother Om  – Connect with yourself and your children in one mindful moment a day” and was awarded a silver medal at the Living Now Book awards in the USA under the Health and Wellness Category. These awards promote books for better living and celebrate positive global change.


  • how it feels to be in a new born cocoon again and the family adjustments
  • journey into self discovery as a single mother
  • meaning of word mamata and beginnings of becoming a teacher, kids yoga teacher and mindfulness teacher
  •  product realisations around problems mums have
  • the benefits of yoga … and not just the physical ones
  • moments of stillness to help you reconnect with who you are 
  • how divorce became an eye opening moment for Leonie and how being present and positive in your thoughts can change your life forever
  • the power of mindfulness
  • how living the truth can manifest positive things in your life and universe will aline
  • how practicing simple tasks of your daily routines, like  making a cup of tea, can help you be more present 
  • how you can focus on your own life and forget about perceptions we tend to create about lives of others
  • how manifesting your thoughts can bring you results 
  • sweetest and funniest thing her son said to Leonie recently
  • the quickest meal Leonie can produce (her answer is very funny)
  • the most loved and read books on motherhood and spirituality
  • Leonie shares her two favourite mantras and explains the meanings



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