4. Chicks and Mortar, Miracle Mornings and goals setting with Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall purchased her first property at the age of 19 and has been investing in property ever since. She has also worked extensively in the property & building industry for close to 10 years as an Interior Designer and Construction Manager. Katie has worked on some of Brisbane’s iconic buildings, drafting construction plans, designing fit-outs and co-ordinating construction crews. Her services were also engaged to draft new estate covenants for prominent Gold Coast residential estates and oversee NRAS compliance.

In 2009 Katie founded a network for women called Chicks and Mortar . It is a network to help woman to connect, share and learn about property investing. Katie is also a published author, Chicks and Mortar – A woman’s guide to investing in property. In her spare time Katie enjoys building her own investment property portfolio, reading, networking and interior design.


  • benefits of learning in women only environment
  • common things to do before starting with property investing
  • Katie’s take on Real Estate agents
  • the biggest challenges Katie had in the first year of running her business as well as her successes.
  • balancing the motherhood and what kind of support she has in her family and partner.
  • the benefits of working from home and how she deals with isolation.
  • the power of goal setting and planning.
  • how to balance the content vs creation ratio.
  • the ways to feel the fear and grow from it
  • Katie shares her tips on stress management and importance in investing in yourself
  • why you should get up an hour early and practice what’s called Miracle Morning
  • how to journal
  • Bonus 5 quick questions + Katie shares her one wish



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Katies book: Chicks and Mortar – a women’s guide to property investing

Katie Marshall on Facebook

Katie Marshall on Linkedin


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