18. Jen Oliver from FitMama talks mummy tummy, core muscles, nutrition and wellness

Jen Oliver
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Jen Oliver is the founder of FitMama, a personal and group training and coaching movement empowering Mums (and openminded Dads) to be the change they want to see in the world, starting with taking control of their own health in both the mind and body. Jen is a certified Bellies Inc. trainer and specializes in the pre- and post-natal journey of building a solid foundation in the body by pre-habbing and re-habbing the core.

Jen has completed a Master’s degree in Exercise and Healthy Psychology at McMaster University and co-founded LivferU Personal Management Consulting in 2008. She continues to train and coach individuals to achieve their goals and has been a sought-after speaker throughout Canada.

Jen believes nutrition is the cornerstone of optimal health and without the proper nutrients to create healthy brain chemistry, it is impossible to be your best for yourself or those around you. Healthy relationships begin with healthy minds and bodies, and as a holistic nutritionist, Jen takes a mind-body approach to ensure that nutrition and mindfulness form the basis of her coaching practice. Jen is the mother of two young daughters and lives with her husband Chris in Ontario, Canada.


  • the  family and her upcoming plans to travel with them 
  • her journey into motherhood and what inspired her to start her own business
  • how she used the knowledge and customer problems to develop her business, FitMamma
  • key areas she focused on in her business
  • understanding the “core” and education around it
  • one specific exercise to retrain our core muscles
  • core strengthening before and during pregnancy and why it is important
  • the mummy tummy, common reasons, diastasis recti and suggested solutions
  • what eating well means to her and some nutrition basics to include in your diet
  • her product offerings and how she does personal training over Skype
  • 5 things she encourages everyone to do each day
  • her typical days juggling kids and her clients
  • her support system
  • handling stressful days and tough times
  • meditation and tips on how to meditate with your kids




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